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Read the history of S & S below the photos.
2016 S&S Event was held on 24 October in the Maureen Tudehope Centre at Kincoppal Rose-Bay School of the Sacred Heart.
With thanks to KRB for the photos below.

History of “Sandwiches and Song:”
This originated under the Presidency of Helen Clugston in the early 2000s.
Sandwiches & Song is an opportunity for those Sacré Coeur Alumnae to enjoy meeting in an informal atmosphere and sharing memories of their school days.
The first one was done by the Committee (not such a big affair those days!) with the help of the then Director of Development, Edwina Considine. It was such a success we did it again the following year.
As it was growing, we could no longer afford it the next year. Edwina thought this was a great pity and persuaded Chris Faisandier to let the school put it on, which was done.
The year after that, we were a little more financial, as Chris allowed us to incorporate the Cor Unum Newsletter with the Open Gate, which saved us a great deal in postage.
In return we contributed a certain amount to the building fund.
So that year it was decided that “Sandwiches and Song” would be a combined Alumnae Committee and School, which it has been ever since.
The School creates and sends the invitations for the Sandwiches & Songs as they have the database of addresses of alumnae who left school 60 years ago or more.
Before that happens, I usually meet with Mary Cook and Therese or we email each other to go through the list for “S & S” to check anyone deceased since last time, changed addresses etc.
When the RSVPs start coming in and we get some idea of transport needs, we liaise with Mary about drivers. Quite often we find that one of the attendees who is driving herself an pick up someone in the same area who needs transport.
I prepare a simple paraliturgy that takes about 15 minutes, just the Gospel of the day, some prayers of the Faithful and a few hymns.
We usually ask members of the incoming class (1953 this year) to do the readings. The President contacts Mark Stubley beforehand re playing the organ for the paraliturgy as well as organising the ”song” part of “S & S” which takes about 10 minutes during lunch.
We have a little leaflet (done by Nola Ryan at school) for the paraliturgy that also includes the procedure and times for the event ie Welcome (from the Principal) – the President does the one in the Chapel - Grace, (often by a Year 11 student,) Guest Speaker –if we have one etc.
We try to keep the formalities to a minimum, as they love to have plenty of time to talk! We have a lucky door prize, sometimes donated – probably done by a number under a plate or some such thing.
Nola Ryan does the leaflet for us, which is included in the cost when the school sends us the account later for our half of it
Mary usually has some little memento from the School Archives for each plate.
We need as many helpers as possible on the day to serve the food and drink. This used to be done by the Committee and their Alumnae friends but now so many of them are working, we have to actually recruit whomever we can. Sometimes, if a daughter brings her mother, she will stay and help, but we need to know this beforehand.
The catering is arranged with the President, Mary Cook and the Treasurer and our half of this goes on the account mentioned above. The school arranges for a bus to take those who need transport from the Chapel to the Maureen Tudehope Centre, so it is important to tell people who are driving or dropping off not to block the entrance where the bus needs to set down passengers. Mary C. often arranges a little tour of a key area of the school after lunch for those who wish and are able.
There is usually some acknowledgement of the oldest Alumna present. Last year for the first time, we included husbands, from which we learned that we must now increase the amount of food!
The event of Sandwiches & Song usually takes place on the third Monday in October from 11:15am to 2:30pm at Kincopall Rose Bay School.
Written by Sister Margaret Mackay, rscj