Mission and Constitution

"Sacré-Coeur New South Wales Association Inc."

Objects of the Sacré Coeur Association of NSW Inc


The Sacré Coeur Association of New South Wales preserves in its name the source, history and traditions of the charism of the Society of the Sacred Heart and the educational philosophy of the foundress of the Society, St Madeleine Sophie Barat. That philosophy is expressed in the five goals of Sacred Heart Education which infuse, inspire and inform that charism
  1. A personal and active faith in God 
  2. A deep respect for intellectual values
  3. The building of community as a Christian value
  4. A social awareness which impels to action
  5. Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

The Objects of the Association are as follows

  1. To provide a common meeting ground for alumnae, alumni, Religious of the Sacred Heart and members of staff of Kincoppal Convent Elizabeth Bay, Rose Bay Convent and Kincoppal-Rose Bay, School of the Sacred Heart, Rose Bay and for such other alumnae and alumni of Sacred Heart Schools and colleges who may become eligible for membership.
  2. To co-operate with other associations of Sacré Coeur alumnae/i and with the Parents and Friends Associations of Sacred Heart Schools and Colleges and Past Parents Associations of Sacred Heart Schools and Colleges and to participate as a body in the Australian Sacré Coeur Association (ASCA) and the Association Mondiale des Associations du Sacré Coeur (AMASC).
  3. To provide opportunities for the spiritual development of members.
  4. To maintain amongst alumnae/i a spirit of loyalty to their schools, the Religious of the Sacred Heart and each other.
  5. To assist and sponsor the formation of regional groups of alumnae/i within N.S.W. and the A.C.T.
  6. To participate as a body in matters of interest concerning the education of Catholic youth including the provision of scholarships, bursaries and other facilities for their education at Sacred Heart schools and colleges.
  7. To identify the needs in the community so that members may develop ways and means to contribute to a more just and cohesive society
  8. To facilitate regular communication among members by means of available technology

Amendments to the Constitution of the Sacré-Coeur Association of New South Wales
June 2011 - Updated Constitution for our Association.