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New Year 2017
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Feast of St Rose Philippine Duchesne rscj
18 November
Reflection written by Maureen Glavin rscj
Illustration Icon painted by Milton Frenzel

Year of Prayer - 20 November 2017 to 20 November 2018
Dear members of the Sacred Heart Family, As you may have been alerted by RSCJ colleagues and friends, the Bicentennial Year of Prayer will begin in one week. 5622086&bbejrid=422501709
The Society of the Sacred Heart announce the Year of Prayer to begin on 20 Novembert 2017. Click here for the Prayer

STUDY PLAN in preparation for the XVI AMASC World Congress-Mérida 2018
Theme of Study: The Calls of the 2016 General Chapter
The Society of the Sacred Heart, assembled in General Chapter, asked itself this question:
Who does God call us to be? What does God call us to do?
As alumnae and alumni, these questions also touch us deeply: in a world rife with change, with a future that is difficult todiscern but of which we already detect emerging signs,
what is God calling us to? Which attitudes and actions in our lives allow us to “walk” towards the future,faithful to the legacy of Madeleine Sophie?
Click here
for the page with more explanations including the
Week of March 13 to 17: Card 1: Living more humanely
Week of April 24 to 28: Card 2: Reaching new frontiers
Week of May 15 to 19: Card 3: Acting as one body
Week of October 9 to 13: Card 4: Practicing silence

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Working on the study theme although is not a requirement to attend the congress it wil help us all to enjoy it and a better comprehension of the spirit in it. For your reports that will be very welcome and are very important, please contact:

Obituaries - NOTICES

Let us remember our deceased RSCJs and Sacred Heart Alumnae and their families

KRB is delighted to announce that they have TWO Bursaries in the name of Sister Philomene Tiernan rscj. Click here for details on both bursaries.
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