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The precious legacy of St. Madeleine Sophie which is now yours is one that will guide, sustain and inspire you to lead lives which, we all hope, bring you enormous fulfillment and great joy.


SACRE-C0EUR WEBSITE DATABASE: To be arranged in class years for easier contact.
ARCHIVES: To keep a record of past students and significant events,
WRAP WITH LOVE: To knit and sew for those in very cold climates.
FUNDRAISERS: To help finance KRB and INDIGENOUS bursaries
SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVITIES: To help those less fortunate than ourselves
SUB-COMMITTEES: To promote organization of all the above.
CARE FOR THE ELDERLY: To visit and invite to the annual “Sandwiches & Song” SPIRITUALITY AND CARING FOR THE RECENTLY BEREAVED: To constantly reflect, pray and also to reach out to those who have recently lost those very close to them.

Young Allumnae/i Australian Facebook Page

Association Mondiale des Anciennes et Anciens du Sacré-Coeur
Every year our Sacred Heart family grows, welcoming new members from around the world. AMASC wants to offer something to all its members and therefore has set up a number of initiatives for its youngest members under the name YOUNG AMASC.

YOUNG AMASC ON FACEBOOK Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/youngAMASCFacebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/10899381138/?hc_location=stream

In short YOUNG AMASC strives to:
• be a social network for young alumni of the Sacred Heart around the world
• provide opportunities for personal development of young alumni PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT
• Hospitality - Please contact your AMASC hospitality network by and inform them about your possible trip.

One of our main goals is to increase the number of young participants at the next AMASC World Congress in Mérida, Yacatan, Mexico.
Check the AMASC website for online information and registration: