Young Alumnae


YOUNG AMASC’s MISSION Every year our Sacred Heart family grows, welcoming new members from around the world.

AMASC wants to offer something to all its members and therefore has set up a number of initiatives for its youngest members under the name YOUNG AMASC.

In short YOUNG AMASC strives to:

• be a social network for young alumni of the Sacred Heart around the world
• provide opportunities for personal development of young alumni PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT •
Hospitality - We offer hospitality to young alumnae across the globe. You can either go through the AMASC hospitality network by contacting your national president to inform them about your trip.
• Volunteering - Young AMASC mediates for a number of volunteering projects around the world. Young alumnae are able to volunteer at these projects, which range from summer programs to long term volunteering.
For more information, have a look at Young AMASC – Volunteering in the main menu. WORLD CONGRESS
One of our main goals is to increase the number of young participants at the AMASC World Congress. The next congress will be held in Mexico in 2018
More details when available.

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